To seize the metaphysical time, Aganta comes from the old Provençal and means to catch, to seize. Kairos is that particular time that opens up in the chronos (clock time), the time of the caesura, of the unique opportunity without return.

In 2011, Laurent Mulot meets and starts to collaborate with Thierry Stolarczyk, astrophysicist at CEA Saclay, at the time scientific manager and spokesman of the ANTARES neutrino detection experiment. If astrophysics is interested in the cosmic sources of neutrinos, Laurent Mulot will be interested in their points of entry on the earth...

in 2012 and 2013, Laurent Mulot celebrated, on the coasts of the five oceans, the places of passage of neutrinos, these phantom particles considered as essential cosmic messengers by astrophysicists. Their passage leaves no trace, but it is detected in particular by the Antares KM3NeT underwater telescopes plunged into the abysses of the Mediterranean Sea off the island of Porquerolles, partner of the work. On each site, Laurent Mulot realizes, with local witnesses of the invisible, a performance, including the laying of a commemorative plaque. 

In 2018, the artist will continue his work on the shores of Lake Baikal, the "6th ocean", with the scientists in charge of the Baikal telescop, then in 2020 with those of the Ice Cube laboratory at the South Pole.
The resulting work, Aganta Kairos (Seizing metaphysical time), crosses the questions about our origins posed by humans to the cosmos, whether they come from the scientific spirit, mythology or the magical spirit of shamanism.


After having been celebrated on the five oceans, Aganta Kairos is inaugurated with Zhan-Arys Dizhilkibaev and Vitaly Schur, Russian researchers of the neutrino detector immersed under the ice of the largest fresh water reserve of the world in the process of becoming, according to geologists, the sixth ocean: Baikal lake.


Finally, on December 21, 2020, the day of the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, Aganta Kairos is celebrated on the rooftop of the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory at the Geographic South Pole on the Seventh Continent by Andrea Dixon, John Hardin, Josh Veitch-Michaelis and Martin Wolf...


Mapping of places

Aganta Kairos closes on the day of the summer solstice at the South Pole and now includes 7 celebration sites and 16 witnesses on the 7 continents.

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