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Represented in Lyon by the Françoise Besson Gallery                                                                                                                 

Represented in Reunion Island by the LAC Gallery

Regular collaboration with the Gallery Bleu du Ciel Lyon

Collection Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon

Middle of

LH//Contemporary Art Ghost//Augenblick//Thinkrotron//Aganta Kairos//In Vitro//Origin//Generic

News Middle of Nowhere

News 2022/2023

.   Publication Monographie Middle of Nowhere February 2024 Ed.LOCO Paris

.   Exhibition Lawal Quilcas Galerie Françoise Besson December 15, 2023 - March 2, 2024

.   Group exhibition Forêts : vert fragile Alcazar Marseille. Curated by Paul Ardenne. September to December 2023

.   Augenblick exhibition at the invitation of the BienalSur at the Caraffa Museum in Cordoba. International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America.

.   Itinerant photographic exhibition Lawal Quilcas in Argentina from July to December 2023

.   Performance in Patagonia: Celebration of Lawal Quilcas, laying of a commemorative plaque and planting of a thousand-year-old tree.

.   Exhibition of a Lawal Quilcas photographic series at the French Embassy in Buenos Aires from March 10 to June 12, 2023.

.   La ville invisible exhibition Ville de Villeurbanne senior residence 

News 2021/2022

.   Start of Lawal Quilcas project in northern Patagonia, Argentina

.   Supported by Institut Français Paris / Ville de Lyon / Métropole / Conicet Argentina/ CNRS/ Galerie Françoise Besson/ Institut Français Buenos Aires / Embassy of France in Argentina Launch of La ville invisible project
Support Ville de Villeurbanne

News 2020/2021

    Middle of Nowhere in health crisis...

.    Collective exhibition Rencontre Photographique Galerie Françoise Besson February 3 to March 6, 2021
On the occasion of the publication of the book: 50 years of French photography: from 1970 to the present day by Michel Poivert

.    Ghost Baikal Experiment Exposition collective Galerie Françoise Besson 3 février / 6 Mars Lyon France

News 2019/2020

.   Performance celebration of Aganta kairos on the 7th continent in partnership with IceCube laboratory and National science Foundation
     at the south pole // solstice december 21, 2020

.    Portfolio Aganta Kairos and the 6 oceans : Institut Français Mai 2020

.    Conference / Performance Aganta Kairos Museum of Contemporary Art Garage Moscou Russia May 2019 the-participation-of-zhan-dzhikibaev-and-paschale-coyle-astrophysicists

.     Conference / Performance Aganta Kairos Zarya Art Center Vladivostok Russia May 2019

News 2017 / 2018

.     Closing performance Aganta Kairos Residence City of La Seyne sur Mer France in November 2018
      Production DVD Aganta Kairos

.     Installation " Nostalgia shelves in LH " group show, Galerie Bleu du ciel Curator Gilles Verneret
      June 14th/ September 6th Lyon France

.     Two Residences Aganta kairos Baikal Telescop Scientific Expedition. Russie
      March and May 2018 Supported by DRAC Rhone-Alpes, Institut Français Paris, CNRS France and Academy of Sciences of Moscow.

.     March 28 Conference Aganta Kairos, state librairy Irkutsk Russie.

.     Residency Aganta Kairos City of La Seyne sur Mer France from January 2017 for the
      production of a monumental work in October 2018. 

.     Translab INEX performance at the University of Lille November 17/18, 2017

.     Group exhibition Galerie Françoise Besson Lyon France
      "Living among screens" curated by Mauro Carbone
      From September 14th to October 14th -Focus Résonnance 14th Biennial of Lyon

.     Touring stage adaptation Aganta Kairos: Scènes Nationales de Compiègne, Chateauvallon, Dunkerque, Meylan and Le LUX scène nationale image...
      22 performances in France

.     TRANSLAB in ex : interdisciplinary performative laboratory in partnership with the University of Lille1 and Lyon3

News 2015 / 2016

.     Collective exhibition +- 49°29' Projection of two videograms:

     Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal, Canada from October 15 to November 19.

.     Adaptation for the stage of the work Aganta Kairos / Middle of Nowhere / Eolie Songe / Spirito choir of Lyon / Artistic director Laurent Mulot 
      & & Thierry Poquet Co-production scènes nationales Compiègne, Dunkerque, Chateauvallon, Spirito France 2016

.     +- 49° 29' / Middle of Nowhere/ Photographic and videographic installation. Photographic Meeting in Gaspésie July /September 2016
      Perce Canada

.      Aganta Kairos Installation Compiègne national scene France May 2016

.     Collective exhibition symposium sculpture / 7SEM Installation Photographic installation Near Erna.

      September 2015 Bratislava Slovakia. Collective exhibition Augenblick Photographs Contemporary Art Center of Lacoux Ain France
      from June 7 to September 13, 2015

News 2014 / 2015

.     Residency at the International Photography Festival of Gaspésie
      May 2015, Labrador,Canada.

.     Solo exhibition Joyce Yahouda Gallery Montreal Canada
      May/June 2015, Montreal, Canada.

.     Solo exhibition "Between/Worlds
      Planetarium, October 2014/January 2015, Vaulx en Velin

.     Augenblick Dream at FIT Festival, May 2014, Belo Horizonte, Brésil

.     Art Paris « La Chine à L’Honneur »,
      March 2014,, Grand Palais/ françoise Besson Gallery , Paris.

.     Residency « Incubateur »
      January / June 2014, Planetarium Vaulx en Velin in collaboration with Thierry Stolarczyk, astrophysicist CEA Saclay.

.     Production Website
      English version, co-production Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

News 2013 / 2014

.     Solo exhibition "Augenblick
      September 2013, Françoise Besson Gallery Lyon.

.     Solo Retrospective Exhibition "The Ghost of Freedom
      on Le Plateau Région Rhône-Alpes September 2013 / January 2014 Lyon Focus Biennale de Lyon
      Curated by Abdelkader Damani (Director of the Veduta Biennial of Contemporary Art in Lyon).

.     Solo exhibition "The echo chamber" October/December 2013, Museum Grenoble.

.     Collective exhibition
      Cité des sciences La Villette Paris " Point de vue d'Artistes " until March 2013.

.     Conferences and production of the work Aganta Kairos
      New Zealand, March 2013
      in collaboration with Thierry Stolarczyk (CEA Saclay) and Pauline Harris (Astrophysicist, Christchurch University).

.     Adaptation of the work Augenblick for the stage
      with the company Eolie Songe Lille, National tour France

.     Multi-media production in partnership with ENS Lyon. Websites : (co-produced by ENS Lyon)

News 2013 / 2014


Creation and implementation of the website:

Middle of Nowhere

Installation exhibition : 
« They come out at night,step one »

Light Square Gallery,Adelaide  Australia
International Visual Art Festival

Installation exhibition :  
« They come out at night, step two »

Art Fremantle Centre, PerthAustralia

Development of a public access point to the site

Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon France

Creation of the legal entity Association
Middle of Nowhere, Lyon


Installation exhibition :
« Middle of Nowhere I »

Laboratory of artistic creation " Les Subsistances ", Lyon France

Installation exhibition :
« Middle of Nowhere II »

Modern Art Museum Duo Lun, Shangaï, Chine


AFAA labeling of the year of France in



(solo) Installation Gallery 1918 artspace Shanghai


(Solo) CRAC / Lux national image scene
Valence France
(collective) « Région Humaine »
Museum of Contemporary Art Lyon France



Installation of Midle of Nowhere/ Lux national image scene Valence France


« Veduta » for the 8th biennial of contemporary art of Lyon France
Bleu du Ciel Gallery Lyon France



(Solo) Françoise Besson Gallery Lyon France Chaibia Tallal GalleryEl Jadida Morocco


Labeling of Middle of Nowhere - France-Brazil Year by Cultures France


(Solo)Contemporary Art Gallery St Dié France


(Collective) Spring of September
Toulouse France


Contemporary Art Space Lieux-commun Toulouse France



(Solo) State Museum, Récife Brazil


(Solo) Centro cultural, Macapa Brazil

(year of France in Brazil)

(Solo) Museum of Royan, France

(collective)19 Gallery in Bratislava Slovakia


Exhibitions Photographs

Mengin Gallery, Reunion Island

inauguration of Contemporary Art
Ghost of Middle of Nowhere

Adelie Land Antarctica


Scenic Installation

Portuguese Tank El Jadida Morocco

Résidency Ecriture de Lumière

LAC Reunion Island

Exhibition « AILLEURS »

Louis Vuitton Cultural Space Paris
Curator : Paul Ardenne

Opening of the Augenblick project

CERN/ CGCPG Genève/ Gex

Exhibition Augenblick

Fort l’écluse Pay de Gex


Residency CCSTI - Thinkrotron work


Production work Aganta Kairos
Support CEA Irfu/ IF Paris/City of Lyon

Madagascar/ Groenland


2003 - 2004 - 2010

Numerous press publications

France, China, Australia, Brazil, Morocco, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc


In L’art, Le Présent

Paul Ardenne, ed. du Regard Paris

Landscapes of contemporary creation
Louis Vuitton Cultural Space

Acte sud, p. 198/199 Paris


Collection field against field, Lyon


For an ecological art

Paul Ardenne and Bernard Stiegler


Aganta Kairos and the 6 Oceans Portfolio

French Institute

Conferences / Collaborations / Residencies /

.     International visual art festival Adelaide, Australia, 2004

.     Residency at the University of Art Western Australia 2005

.     University Lyon 2, Mastery of Cultural Project, 2002-2006

.     Duo Lun Museum, Shangai, China, 2005

.     National School of Fine Arts of Nîmes, 2006

.     University of Philosophy Lyon 3, 2008

.     National School of Fine Arts of Lyon for Veduta, Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2007

.     Meetings Art and Science in duo with JP.Martin, director of research at CNRS, 2007/ 2008

.     National School of Fine Arts of La Réunion, 2009

.     Collaboration and partnership with the 4 CERN experiments (Alice / LHCb / CMS / Atlas)

.     ESAD Grenoble/Valence, 2012

.     Artist associated with the Planetariun and Pôle de culture spatiale of Vaux-en-Velin, 2012/2014

.     Artist in the Art/Science program of the ENS Lyon 2012/2013

.     Artist in residence CCSTI of Grenoble 2012/2013 in partnership with ESRF (Synchrotron)

.     Meeting-debate Art / Science / Philosophy with Paul Ardenne art historian, Christian Ruby Philosopher, Thierry Stolarczyk astrophysicist.

      Moderator Laurent Chicoineau CCSTI Grenoble, December 2013

.     ARC art Plastic/Science Piloting and curating Exhibition of the Rhône-Alpes Fine Arts Schools and Lyon 1 University. 2015/2016

.     Collaboration with the laboratory of Philosophy " Living among the screens " Direction Mauro Carbone University Lyon 3. 2017

.     Zarya Art Center Vladivostok Russia for the night of the museums May 2019

.     Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Moscou Russie May 2019

Regular support for Middle of Nowhere

.     AFAA, then Culture France, then the French Institute Paris and the City of Lyon

.     Rhône Alpes regions via the international FIACRE.

.     Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon

.     DRAC Rhône-Alpes

.     Radio France: France-Inter

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