Thinkrotron is a homophone of synchrotron, understood as a tought accelerator and not as an electron accelerator


The work was created during a residency at CSTI and the European Radiation Synchrotron Facility in Grenoble, France. The ESRF produces synchrotron light, a super X-ray radiation that can penetrate matter and understand its structure at the atomic level. Electrons are accelerated in a tube of 844 meters in circumference at a speed close to that of light. The work is divided into two parts, Mnemosyne // 844 meters of art and the Chamber of Echoes. The first consists of infiltrating the ESRF's computer memory with poetry: four series of poems, some by Jacques Réda and other pieces chosen by Jean-François Duclos in sets of 844 feet (in a nod to the 844 meters of the acceleration ring), are "spread out" in the ESRF's giant hard disk and appear randomly between the lines of data stored in the accelerator's computer memory. The second alludes to the applications of the ESRF, a giant microscope for the investigation of matter and life, a tool for non-destructive paleontology. Chambre d'Echos was exhibited at the Grenoble Museum, featuring the Museum's "wet" collection, showing unknown creatures...

Abdelkader Damani curator of Thinkroton’s exhibitions

Laurent Mulotmofn chrono
Paul Ardennecritical text