In Vitro

L’incubateur is a space of convergence between science, art and experience to propose to the inhabitants of Greater Lyon to participate in a collective creation in the company of an astrophysicist and an artist.


September 2014 - January 2015

Cosmic radiation on all floors

The first residence of the Incubator welcomes Laurent Mulot, artist, Thierry Stolarczyk, astrophysicist, and the public wishing to participate. For this first edition, the Planetarium proposes to the volunteers to become cosmic ray hunters. One of the objectives is to build an experiment to track the passage of neutrinos and participate in the work that Laurent Mulot will exhibit in Autumn 2014 at the Planetarium in discussion with Thierry Stolarczyk, astrophysicist at CEA.

Curator of the exhibition Abdelkader Damani, Currator and Director FRAC Centre France

Laurent Mulotmofn chrono
Paul Ardennecritical text
Numbered videos and photographic prints for sale
Fran├žoise Besson Gallery